UP Baguio

UP Baguio (UPB) is the youngest constituent university in the UP System. Formerly a regional unit of UPD, this “UP of the North” was granted autonomy as a college in 1999 and elevated to university status in December 2002.

UPB is the leading institution in Northern Philippines in the areas of science and mathematics, social sciences and the humanities.

Through its research arm, the Cordillera Studies Center (CSC), UPB aims to contribute to higher education in Northern Luzon through partnerships with other institutions and expanding its research on the preservation of the cultural traditions of the Cordilleras, Northern Luzon and Cagayan Valley.

The CSC is internationally known for its track record in ethnic and interdisciplinary research programs in areas like biodiversity conservation, ethnicity studies, governance, public policy, language and literature. Its contributions to basic research in the natural sciences explore new theoretical directions and practical applications, highlight innovative technologies and build on indigenous mathematical and biological knowledge systems. Meanwhile, in the humanities, research is ongoing for the retrieval, annotation and translation of existing Cordillera and Northern Philippine literatures.

Officer-in-Charge for Alumni Affairs (under Office of Public Affairs)
Prof. Cecilia San Luis