Call for Art and Literary Submissions for Kimata

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The Committee on Culture and the Arts of UP Baguio is making a call for art and literary submissions for Kimata , an upcoming visual and literary folio featuring creative works of students, alumni, faculty and staff from the University of the Philippines Baguio.

[A kimata is a large transportation basket, also known as a double basket: two baskets fastened together by a stick and carried on the shoulder. Traditionally, it is used to carry camote, unthreshed rice, or vegetables, transferred between the field and the granary, between mountains, between villages, between planting and harvesting seasons. It is a vessel for the grain and the outgrowth. It is a plaything in indigenous games. It is an inheritance. An industry. A still life. A cornucopia.]

Following the theme “Overgrown” , this inaugural issue of Kimata will feature creative and personal responses to the pandemic or life in quarantine. The call is open for original works in creative writing and the visual arts.

See the Call for Literary and Visual Art program mechanics here.