Pandemic, Epidemic: Vectors of Change

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The Museum of a History Ideas of the University of the Philippines Manila is hosting a talk by the independent curator MS. MARIAN PASTOR ROCES (TAOINC.). She curated the Museum in 2014 and implemented the Curatorial Plan for it. She will speak on Pandemic and Cultural Change.

She will revisit the themes on which the museum was built in order to reflect on the present. The connecting link is devastating disease—the cholera epidemic and Spanish flu immediately prior to the establishment of the UP aswell as the on-going COVID-19 pandemic—and the massive cultural change that follow in the wake of these catastrophic events.

Roces will be joined by Architect Leonido Gines, Jr. who collaborated on the UP museum. He will annotate the talk with a particular perspective informed by the tropical architecture of UP Philippine General Hospital. Both speaker and annotator take a Cultural Studies approach to their work.

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