Stop COVID Deaths Webinar #64 “COVID-19 na, Lepto pa!”

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August 6, 2021 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM



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Torrential rains in many parts of the country have resulted in flooding and evacuation of thousands of people from low-lying areas. Against the backdrop of a highly transmissible variant of COVID-19, there are multiple and complex threats to health that need attention.

Recently, the Department of Health warned the public against a possible increase in cases of leptospirosis from wading in flooded areas. This disease is not new in the country and there is treatment for it. But some symptoms are like COVID-19.

Evacuations because of floods may lead to exposure to COVID-19 if evacuation areas are not properly ventilated or if there is congestion and crowding.

An increase in leptospirosis as well as COVID-19 will extract high demands on a health system that is already exhausted.

In this episode of STOP COVID DEATHS, we will take a look at the situation in relation to leptospirosis from a report from Director Eric Tayag of the Department of Health. Dr. Mahar Lagmay of UP Resilience Institute and UP NOAH Center will talk about the climate change challenges facing the country and will share a map of areas at risk for continuous flooding in the months ahead. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Rontgene Solante of San Lazaro Hospital will discuss leptospirosis, its clinical signs and its management as differentiated from COVID-19. Dr Nina Gloriani, Lead in the Vaccine Expert Panel and Former Dean of UP College of Public Health will talk about the public health aspects of leptospirosis - how it is transmitted, what precautions are needed, what we need to do to prevent outbreaks. Dr Romina Danguilan of the NKTI will talk about severe leptospirosis and its effects on the kidneys.

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