Plant science for the people

He dreamed of becoming a doctor and now he is addressed as Dr. Pablito Magdalita. Instead of a medical degree, however, he has a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Biotechnology from the University of Queensland, Australia. “I went from wanting to help human health to plant health. It’s ultimately about wanting to help improve lives through science. I loved all my science classes in high school,” Magdalita says.

The researcher as storyteller

by J. Mikhail Solitario, UP MPRO

“I talked to this jeepney driver who told me he had changed his mind about this administration. He was listening to this daily radio drama where one of the characters was a drug addict who got killed in a police operation. For him, it was a turning point.”

The “non-music” man

by Arlyn VCD Palisoc Romualdo, UP MPRO

“It’s not really music. Not in the strictest sense.”

National Artist for Music, composer, ethnomusicologist, and UP University Professor Emeritus Ramon Pagayon Santos was referring to his area of research—non-Western indigenous expressive traditions included in the genre called “ethnic music.” Music, he said, is a Western concept defined by elements such as structure, counterpoint, harmony, texture, and form, among others.