DOH, UP boost linkage in delivering improved service to PGH patients

MANILA, Dec 18 — Acting Health Secretary Janette Loreto-Garin said on Wednesday/Dec. 17 the entire UP System, through the UP Manila-Philippine General Hospital, is one of the national government’s best machinery to efficiently and optimally deliver public and community health care services to millions of under-privileged and under-served Filipinos.

In remarks during the signing of the memorandum of agreement forging institutional partnership between the Department of Health (DOH) and the UP System for the procurement of modern life-saving equipment for PGH patients, Garin called on all the UP System officials and employees to share their expertise, knowledge, skills, and influence to the entire country, specifically to improve the health care delivery.

“One of the priority health programs of the administration of President Benigno S. Aquino, III is to optimally improve the health condition and situation of the Filipino people by providing financial assistance to various health- and medical-related programs. Today, through this memorandum of agreement, we witness the rebirth of the re-energized DOH-UP System partnership in improving the lives and health of millions of Filipinos,” Garin said.

“The UP System is widely recognized, and rightfully so, for the wide breadth and deep scope of intelligence, knowledge, skills, and influence of its officials, leaders, and members to almost all the facets of our national and social life. The UP students’ slogan of ‘serve the people’ is most significant and resonant to all of us workers at the DOH,” Garin said.

“We, workers at the DOH, support the UP System’s activities and projects which immensely contribute in solving the country’s problems. Let me address now the UP Manila community, famous for being the Health Sciences Center. Let us be active partners in improving the health care delivery to the entire country. Let every Filipino in need of health care in every barangay, near and far, feel the power and influence of UP Manila as the Health Sciences Center,” Garin said.

“Let the UP System, specifically UP Manila, the Health Sciences Center, be the critical collaborator and active partner of the Department of Health in improving human health resources, health systems research, and policy development to ensure better health for our people. This memorandum of agreement is a significant step towards this direction,” Garin said.

In her response, UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla said the renewed DOH-UP System partnership is a “challenge to the entire UP Community to meet head on the current and potential issues and concerns of the country.”

“This momentous partnership is not only between the DOH and the UP System. It is between the UP System and the Filipino people,” Padilla said.

“The UP System, through the UP Manila, is a constant, dependable, and reliable partner of the national government, and the DOH in particular, in giving much-needed medical and health services to the Filipino people through the decades. To the best of our abilities and despite our limitations, we continue to deliver health care to the disadvantaged patients needing immediate and sustainable medical services,” Padilla said.

“The entire UP System will endeavor to be an equal partner of the DOH in its initiatives and major programs in health education and capacity building, health research, and policy development that will result in relevant programs and interventions for Filipinos,” Padilla said.

“Today’s signing of the memorandum of agreement is another milestone in the partnership that will benefit not only the Philippine General Hospital but also the national health system,” Padilla said.

Annually, the PGH attends to more than 500,000 patients, a significant percentage are underprivileged. As of 2013, the PGH has almost 11,000 trainees, composed of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. (DOH/UP)