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Napoleon Abueva, U.P. College of Fine Arts Dean from 1978 to 1989.

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Tribute to the Filipino Entreprenuer, Virata Hall, UP Diliman.

Kiss of Judas, Gallery XIV, National Museum.

Double sided crucifix and altar, Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, U.P. Diliman.

The youngest to be named a National Artist, Napoleon Abueva is recognized as the father of modern Philippine sculpture. He was a master of both classical representational sculpture and modern abstract. Omnivorous in his choice of media, he worked with indigenous materials like molave, acacia, ipil, and kamagong; traditional media like marble, alabaster, and bronze; and modern resources like steel and concrete.

Abueva’s major works include Kaganapan (1953), Kiss of Judas (1955), Thirty Pieces of Silver, The Transfiguration (1979), Eternal Garden Memorial Park, UP Gateway (1967), Nine Muses (1994), UP Faculty Center, Sunburst (1994)-Peninsula Manila Hotel, the bronze figure of Teodoro M. Kalaw in front of the National Library, and murals in marble at the National Heroes Shrine, Mt. Samat, Bataan.

Napoleon Abueva.
Tribute to the Filipino Entrepreneur.
Kiss of Judas, Gallery XIV, National Museum of the Philippines.
Crucifix and altar, Church of the Holy Sacrifice.