Baltazar D. Aguda

Dr. Baltazar Aguda passed away on August 20. He was also a Research Professor in the University of the Philippines. He earned his BS Agricultural Chemistry degree from UP Los Baños and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta (Canada).

Dr. Aguda was a multidisciplinary scientist who started his scientific career as a theoretical-physical chemist investigating the nonlinear dynamics of complex biochemical reaction systems, developing methods for predicting interaction network instabilities and the construction of predictive computational models. He and his co-workers published mechanistic models of other cellular processes associated with hallmarks of cancer, and in 2008, his book Models of Cellular Regulation was published by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Aguda held faculty positions in Canada (Laurentian University) and the USA (Boston University School of Medicine. He delivered lectures at Harvard University (USA), Caltech (USA), Weizmann Institute (Israel), University of Cambridge (UK), and Humboldt University (Germany).