‘Empire of Light’

Empire of Light

Within the Expressionist landscape, emotions unfurl in a vibrant symphony of colors, brushwork, and texture. Vibrant hues, bold and unapologetic, embody the spectrum of human sentiment. From the fiery reds of passion to the melancholic blues of longing, each stroke is a whispered confession, each texture a testament to the intricacies of our shared humanity. It is in this realm where the expressionistic fervor of Rafaelle Louise’s literary prowess intertwines with her vivid imagination. The canvas becomes a stage, upon which the luminescent performers–the seemingly teardrop-shaped flames, ignite a captivating drama of existence.

In her newest iteration, Rafaelle Louise’s “Empire of Light” explores the profound interplay between colors, textures, and Zen iconographies by employing nuanced compositions and narratives–tapping the fragile nature of the human psyche. Through a tapestry of poetic imagery and visceral intent, Louise masterfully captures the enigmatic essence of flickering candles latticed across and over the canvas, inviting viewers into a realm of momentary introspection and vulnerability.

“I was interested in depicting a simple yet poetic representation of light: as a natural beacon of hope whether during the night or day, in sleep or in every waking moment, literally and figuratively, the light has always been there. This show is an invitation to look deeper for the light and uphold it for others to see.”

“Empire of Light” embodies the spirit of Rafaelle Louise’s artistic ethos—a profound exploration of the human condition, encapsulated in a canvas that intends to transcend its message beyond the physical realm. It’s in its quiet pleas that beckon us to embrace the impermanence of existence, to find solace in the interplay of light and dark, to awaken the dormant embers within ourselves. It is an invitation to participate in the symphony of life, to let the artistry of the flames’ glow kindles the fires of our own expression, embracing the profound beauty that lies within the depths of our souls.

Meditation | Manta XIII

Rafaelle Louise’s works for this show are a testament to the artist’s emotional journey–capturing the ebb and flow of existence, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the viewer’s emotional landscape. And as she lays bare the depths of human connection, so too do these artworks unveil the unspoken truths of the human condition. They challenge the viewer to confront the complexities of their own existence, to let the layers of artifice fall away, and bask in the transformative power of authentic expression, bright and delicate enough for everyone to feel its warmth.

Rafaelle Louise (b.1990) studied Visual Communication at the College of Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Rafaelle describes her oeuvre as “modern interplay between action painting and minimalism, where the end product stands somewhere between painting and sculpture”.

“Empire of Light” by Rafaelle Louise will be on view at Galerie Raphael U.P. Town Center from May 10 to 24, 2023. Galerie Raphael U.P. Town Center is located at the 2/F Phase 2, U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City.

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