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Health Updates Webinar #188 “Aray! Aray! Aray!” Arthritis at Iba Pa

April 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The University of the Philippines,
in partnership with the UP Manila – National Institutes of Health
and in cooperation with UP Philippine General Hospital and UP College of Medicine,
would like to invite you to attend this webinar!


Registration slots are limited to this HEALTH UPDATES webinar
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Webinar #188
April 19, 2024 (Friday) 12nn
“Aray1 Aray! Aray!” Arthritis at Iba Pa

Professor and Chancellor,
University of the Philippines Manila
Consultant Rheumatologist,
UP Philippine General Hospital

Clinical Associate Professor and Consultant,
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
UP Philippine General Hospital


Webinar #188
April 19, 2024 (Friday) 12nn
“Aray1 Aray! Aray!” Arthritis at Iba Pa

Arthritis, encompassing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, presents a significant challenge in healthcare. With its rising prevalence and diverse presentations, it is important to understand the pathophysiology of various arthritic conditions, exploring the intricate interplay of inflammation, joint degeneration, and autoimmunity.

A critical focus will be placed on current treatment strategies, encompassing both pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. We will discuss the efficacy and safety profiles of various medications, including disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), biologics, and targeted therapies. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of physiotherapy, patient education, and self-management techniques in optimizing patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our main presenter is Dr. Michael L. Tee, an esteemed rheumatologist who also serves as Professor and Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Manila. Our reactor is Dr. Monalisa L. Lim-Dungca, who is a Clinical Associate Professor and Consultant from the UP-PGH Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

By the end of this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of arthritis, refine your diagnostic acumen, and stay updated on the latest treatment modalities to deliver exceptional care to your patients. Let’s work together to improve the lives of those living with arthritis.


April 19
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm