FAQs for UP Alumni Email

Q: What is the UP Alumni email?

A: UP Alumni email is an email service under Google Workspace for Education that is offered as a gift from the University to all its alumni. This is separate from UP email ([email protected]). Unlike your UP email or other web-based email accounts, the UP Alumni email can be used throughout your lifetime. Soon, your UP email account will be needed to log in using your own password to update your personal contact information at the UP System Office of Alumni Relations website.  


Q: Who can avail the UP alumni email? ([email protected])

A: The UP Alumni email is for those who have completed an academic program from the University of the Philippines (UP). This includes one who has his/her Certificate Degree, Diploma Degree, Associates Degree, Undergraduate Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degree, and Honoris Causa at UP.  


Q: How many times can I apply for a UP Alumni email account?

A: You may only apply for a UP alumni email account ONCE. The system detects if you had multiple registrations even if you used another email address for application. If you have missed the five-day window for submitting a valid ID to OAR, you may still submit anytime using the email address you used for application.

Inability to submit a valid ID to OAR will delay the confirmation of your application but it will still be processed once you have completed the requirements. Refrain from re-applying using another email address because it will only further delay the process of your application.


Q: May I request for a personalized username for my UP Alumni email account?

A: No. The UP ITDC follows a system-generated naming convention when creating usernames for UP Alumni email accounts. You may file a support ticket at: https://ictsupport.up.edu.ph/open.php if there are typographical errors on your username given that you will also provide supporting documents for verification.


Q: What are the perks of having a UP Alumni email?

A: The UP Alumni email marks you as a Proud Isko or Iska, and is a symbol of your connection to the University of the Philippines. You will get updates to the latest UP activities and UP alumni events happening across campuses and all over the world through the monthly eNewsletter, the UP Alumni Update.  The alumni email account will also bring you closer to the University by providing you with opportunities for donation or volunteerism.  


Q: Will the UP Alumni email give me access to Zoom, Canva, and Microsoft Office?

A: The UP Alumni Email does not have provisions for Zoom, Canva, and Microsoft Office. These are for @up.edu.ph email ONLY.


Q. Can you transfer your files automatically from UP email ([email protected]) to UP Alumni email ([email protected])?

A: The UP alumni email is not linked to your UP email. You must manually transfer your files from your UP email to UP alumni email. 


Q: Will my UP email be removed when I apply for alumni email even if I am still affiliated with UP?

A: Having a UP alumni email will not affect your UP email as long as you are affiliated with the University of the Philippines as faculty, graduate student, Admin staff, and REPS.


Q: Why do I get a Google Alert that the email message containing my newly created UP Alumni Mail account credentials is being tagged as a dangerous or phishing email?

A:  The UP Alumni Mail account credentials are sent in bulk during batch processing, and sometimes your email provider mistakes the emails sent as spam. UP ITDC is in close coordination with Google to prevent this from happening.


Q: What will I do if I’m getting 404 page not found when trying to access the Alumni Email Registration (AER) site?
A: Try clearing your cache on your browser or you may trying opening the AER page on other browser.


Q: What will I do if I encounter technical issues on my UP Alumni email account?
A: For concerns on the following:
Was not able to set-up two-step verification
Forgot password (recovering UP Email Account password, Password reset)
Was not able to receive alumni email credentials but was recorded ISSUED on OAR Database (resending email credentials)
File a support ticket here: https://ictsupport.up.edu.ph/open.php
When submitting a ticket for alumni email concerns, use the following:
Help Topic: UP Alumni Mail Account
Constituent University: UP Alumni
Office: Office of Alumni Relations

For self-service recovery of UP Email account password, (This is only applicable to those accounts with 2-step verification activated and recovery email/number already set up.) visit: https://itdc.up.edu.ph/faqs/how-to-recover-your-up-mail-account-password-self-service


Q: How can I follow up on my registration?
A: For follow-up on alumni email account (@alum.up.edu.ph), please email:[email protected]


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