This section contains feature profiles of interesting UP alumni about their life or their significant contributions to the community.

Ana Patricia Non: Her foodcart pushed back vs apathy

24th January 2022
The buzz had kept the neighborhood on edge for days. COVID-19 infections were spreading and a granular lockdown seemed imminent. But details were sparse, with authorities issuing contradictory statements.

Crafting inner peace

17th January 2022
Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Allyza "Yza" Tolentino, owner of Sunny Label was thick in the usual millennial pursuits: attending art-related and local indie gigs, traveling and documenting her journeys on her blog and social media accounts, and diving...

On TikTok, she debunks lies about martial law with numbers

13th January 2022
Just like any other social media platform, TikTok, the hot social network for making and sharing short videos, is teeming with false narratives of martial law. A quick search of the term reveals many faceless videos that claim that...

Artist Profile: Pollyanna Dee

8th January 2022
White and blue flowers bloom in the cracks of the woman’s face in ‘Daydream’. Split in half, her left face rests upon two hands that console her while her right face detaches itself from the commotion. Her eyes glisten...

How this fruit vendor’s daughter rose to become IS Manila and Harvard scholar

7th January 2022
Rose Sagun says she owes her success to the bravery of two women who raised her, and to an international education that started at age 11

Doctoral music graduate’s generosity of spirit benefits future musicians

16th December 2021
International student Ramon “Chino” Alfonso Soberano, who graduates this fall with a Doctor of Musical Arts in violin performance, wants all musicians to be able to achieve their goals.