2020-2021 UPAA Awards Nomination Guidelines and Forms

In view of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic protocols, compounded by the rise of reportedly even more infectious variants of the virus, the UPAA Board of Directors has decided to indefinitely postpone the 2021 UP General Alumni Homecoming (scheduled in August) – just like the 2020 Homecoming deferred last year.

Due to this latest development, the UPAA Board has also decided to integrate into just one batch the prospective 2020 and 2021 UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awardees and honor them together in a single awarding ceremony.

As this will afford the UPAA more time to conduct the selection process, we are pleased to advise you that the UPAA Secretariat will now continue to accept nominations from UPAA chapters and UP alumni until June 30, 2021.

Thank you. We wish you continuing safety and good health.

Very truly yours,

President and Alumni Regent

2020-2021 UPAA Awards Propectus