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Serve the people and country – the UP battle cry has been very much inculcated in UP alumna Francis Lyn Malalis, who, in her college years ten years ago, started being a scholar for others.

After her classes, she would tutor kids in the community together with her fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. They would also go into far-flung areas and would walk a narrow terrain for almost 2 hours just to reach out to indigenous communities. They would provide support for their livelihood, feed the kids, and send kids to school through a scholarship program that their organization initiated.

“It’s so humbling to be part of initiatives bigger than myself. If we just look around and realize how much we can be of help to others, the world becomes a better place in small ways. Small, yes, but we’re still making a difference.”

It is in the same aim that she narrated her adulting story and gathered similar stories of her friends and brilliant individuals to guide fellow millennials and younger generations in transitioning to the workforce – hence, The Millennial Black Box.

“Infused with insights and tactical advice, Francis decrypts valuable lessons about the future most people wish they had drawn when they were young,” this is the book review of Zeel Patel and Eric Lin, co-presidents of Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference (HPAIR) and computer scientists at Harvard University.

Among the 10 contributors of the book is the famed child prodigy of their generation, Mikaela Fudolig, who graduated from UP Diliman with a degree in physics at 16 years old. She graduated class valedictorian and summa cum laude with 1.099 GWA.

Other contributors also graduated from UP and other reputable universities.

From UP Manila: Anjelica Izabelle Napala, earned her Master in Public Health with 1.46 GWA

From UP Mindanao: Glenn Pelayre, graduated with a degree in architecture and received thesis with distinction award; Ariesha Faith Dimaano, graduated with a degree in communication arts, cum laude and received thesis with distinction award; and Jenna Mae San Luis, completed her master’s in management degree.

From UP Diliman: Jeff Windell Tan, took up business administration and accountancy, manga cum laude; and Theo Lozada, finished with a degree in film

From UP Visayas: Azie Marie Libanan, graduated cum laude with a degree in psychology and also completed her master’s degree in public management from UP Open University. Other contributors: Jorisse Gumanay, graduated from Cebu Normal University with 1.0 GPA in MA Literature and magna cum laude, top 1 in her undergraduate degree in English literature; and April Rose Cañete, graduated cum laude from Western Mindanao State University with a degree in BA English. “To our readers, this was the book that we never had. And now, we’re giving it to you. It is our hope that you dream on despite unfavorable circumstances,” Francis said.

Francis is now a national corporate leader. She’s experienced in recruitment, training, management, marketing, and communications. She graduated with a degree in BA Communication Arts from UP Mindanao as college valedictorian, cum laude, and with the second-highest CWAG (cumulative weighted average grade) of the class. She earned her master’s degree in Public Management from UP Open University in Los Baños, Laguna with GWA equivalent to undergrad cum laude. Last year, she was accepted to the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference (HPAIR) and to the UP College of Law.
The book is now up for pre-order and will be available soon on Amazon and other retail channels!
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