December 2023 Physical and Occupational Therapist Licensure Examination UP topnotchers

UP Manila extends its heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of the College of Allied Medical Professions who have successfully passed the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination (PTLE) and Occupational Therapist Licensure Examination (OTLE).

A special commendation to our outstanding Topnotchers for their exemplary performance:

PTLE Topnotchers:

Ma. Barbara Tolentino Manalaysay – 2nd Place, 89.40%
Claire Chan Bathan – 6th Place, 89.00%

OTLE Topnotchers:

Kizha Marie Sevidal Gabutan – 1st Place, 85.00%
Adrian Andag Silva – 4th Place, 83.00%
Chloe Julienne Kapunan Abrasada – 6th Place, 82.40%
Irish Marie Esguerra Ilagan – 7th Place, 82.00%
Jamie Christine Enriquez Meneses – 7th Place, 82.00%
Nicole Mari Savillo Olorvida – 7th Place, 82.00%
Ericka Josh Therese Kang Lo – 7th Place, 82.00%
Betina Mae Untalan Untalan – 7th Place, 82.00%
Leny Crystel Flores San Diego – 8th Place, 81.80%

In addition, UP Manila is proud to be recognized as the Top Performing School in the OTLE, achieving the 1st Rank with an impressive passing rate of 95.45%.

These accomplishments reflect the dedication and excellence of our graduates in the December 2023 Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist Licensure Exam.

We extend our warmest wishes to these accomplished individuals and express our confidence in their future endeavors as healthcare professionals. May they continue to bring honor to UP Manila. Congratulations! 🎓👏

Source: University of the Philippines Manila Facebook