Deocampo cops 2023 Premio Casa Asia for Culture and Society

Let us end our workweek on a high with this excellent news that Associate Professor Nick Deocampo is this year’s winner of the Premio Casa Asia for Culture and Society. The award seeks to “recognize and disseminate the work of individuals and entities, both public and private, that have stood out for their work in the economic, social, educational, cultural or development cooperation, promoting dignity and human rights in the Asia-Pacific region, and/or contribute or have contributed to promoting knowledge, dialogue and relations between Spain and the Asia-Pacific region.”

The citation reads:

Nick Deocampo, Filipino academic, in the category of Culture and Society, for his decisive contribution to the knowledge of Filipino cinema and to the recovery of Filipino classical cinema in his country, as well as for his commitment to cinema as a tool of change and social progress; for his advocacy of LGTBQ+ rights, giving voice to this collective at film festivals, workshops and other activities.

Nick Deocampo, académico filipino, en la categoría de Cultura y Sociedad, por su decisiva contribución al conocimiento del cine filipino y a la recuperación del cine clásico filipino en su país, así como por su compromiso con el cine como herramienta de cambio y progreso social; por su defensa de los derechos LGTBQ+ dando voz a este colectivo en festivales de cine, talleres y otras actividades.

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Source: UP College of Mass Communication Facebook