Dr. Raymundo Rovillos Appointed as First President of Pangasinan Polytechnic College

By: BNN Correspondents

In a significant development, Dr. Raymundo Rovillos, a distinguished professor and former chancellor of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB), has been named the inaugural president of the Pangasinan Polytechnic College (PPC). The announcement was made on January 15 by Vice Governor Mark Ronald Lambino during a media briefing. With a focus on academic programs in agriculture, sustainable local governance, program/project management, and creativity and design, PPC is Northern Luzon’s first provincial government-run higher educational institution.

Dr. Rovillos’ Role at PPC

Having been established in June 2023, PPC’s mission is to prepare young minds for immediate employment in the province’s local communities and beyond. Starting February 2024, Dr. Rovillos will be seconded to PPC, lending his expertise in academic leadership, curriculum planning, development of academic and research programs, and fostering relationships with other educational and research institutions. His compensation, including salaries, allowances, and benefits, will be shouldered by the provincial government during his tenure, which runs through January 31, 2025.

Return to University of the Philippines Baguio

After his tenure at PPC, Dr. Rovillos will return to his position at UPB. His appointment to PPC is facilitated through a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the Philippines (UP)-Baguio, which has approved of his temporary role at PPC.

Launch of the Center for Lifelong Learning (CeLL)

In addition to the appointment of Dr. Rovillos, PPC is also gearing up to launch the Center for Lifelong Learning (CeLL) in the first quarter of the year. This center will offer a variety of training programs to students. Alongside this, the provincial government is also working on preparing facilities for PPC, which includes revamping buildings for classroom use. PPC will offer bachelor’s programs that are in line with the country’s academic calendar, with a focus on agriculture and potential inclusion of nursing, to mirror the economy of Pangasinan.

PPC Governing Board Formation

The formation of the PPC Governing Board has been initiated, with the announcement of its composition to be made by Governor Ramon Guico 3rd in due course.

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