Judge Pangalangan is elected member of Institut de Droit International

Institut de Droit International (“IDI”) elected Former International Criminal Court Judge Raul Pangalangan as “membre associé”

On 23 August 2021, the Institut de Droit International (“IDI”) elected former Judge of the International Criminal Court Raul Pangalangan as “membre associé.”

The IDI (translated: Institute of International Law) was founded in 1873 for the scientific study of international law, and has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its work in promoting “peaceful ties between nations and to make the laws of war more humane.” It is a private association and is independent of governments. The IDI has initiated historic peace conferences and adopted resolutions on human rights and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Today, it is examining the use of international law in protecting individuals and communities from epidemics.

The members are invited by the organization. The IDI comprises the world’s leading public international lawyers and professors, including judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and International Criminal Court (ICC), both at The Hague. Judge Pangalangan recently retired as ICC Judge, and was Dean of the UP College of Law from 1999-2005. The only other Filipino who has sat in the IDI is the late Justice Florentino Feliciano of the Philippine Supreme Court.

“This is the most highly coveted recognition in the field of international law, and I am awed to sit at the same table with its most accomplished scholars and practitioners. At a time when it seems fashionable to be anti-foreign and anti-global, I hope our countrymen will see International Law as a venue to advance our interests in solidarity with other like-minded nations,” Judge Pangalangan said upon receiving news of his election.

Source: https://law.upd.edu.ph/judge-pangalangan-is-elected-member-of-institut-de-droit-international/