Magos named SK fellow to develop a compendium on Philippine History

Ms. AL Ramirez

Dr. Alicia P. Magos, professor emeritus of UP Visayas, was named one of the fellows of the Saliksik Kasaysayan: A Fellowship Program to Develop a Compendium of Philippine History.

Saliksik Kasaysayan (SK) is a ten-month program that will create a compendium of the different periods in Philippine history. Dr. Magos’ fellowship will focus on the Indigenous Peoples of the Visayas.

As SK Fellow, she is expected to come up with a comprehensive annotated bibliography of selected works and publications on Philippine history (according to assigned period), bibliographic essay of the references gathered, presentation of the research output on the assigned period, and write a short article based on the final output to be featured in the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) publication.

A fellowship fund of P250,000 was granted to Dr. Magos by the PSSC to pursue this project.

PSSC and REX Education collaborated for the conduct of this fellowship that aims to take stock of and secure the articles, materials, and references on the different periods of Philippine History that will be used by REX Education in writing and publishing textbooks on Philippine History.