Outstanding UPLB alumni recognized at virtual Loyalty Day awarding ceremony

Attendees in the 102nd UPLB Loyalty Day Recognition Program for Outstanding Alumni may have missed the warmth of handshakes and embraces that symbolize felicitations and gratitude among fellow alumni. But with it being held virtually and streamed via Facebook and YouTube, more UPLB alumni in various time zones and places were able to root for their former classmates and peers as they received their trophies.

More than  80 alumni were honored under different awards categories at this year’s Loyalty Day, which was held entirely online in conjunction with the limitations imposed by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar, (PhD Horticulture ’80), led the awardees as the recipient of the UPLB Alumni Association (UPLBAA) Presidential Award.

“This award holds a special meaning for me, as it comes from an institution that helped mold me into a public servant that I am today, one who strives to live by the example of excellent, faithful, honorable servant leadership,” Dr. Dar said in his message of acceptance.

He went on to say how the recognition has imbued him with a greater sense of purpose as he leads the country’s agriculture sector in its new strategies to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food production and distribution systems.

Meanwhile, eight were recognized as The Outstanding UPLB Alumni Awardees (TOUAA). They were Fabian G. Espiritu (BSA ’59), for agribusiness and food processing; Dr. Manuel L. Logroño, (MS Agro ’84), for innovative management and social entrepreneurship; and Hon. Isidro T. Ungab (BSAECO ’83), for public sector governance.

Also hailed as TOUAA were Roel Z. Castro (BSAB ’88), for corporate governance; Engr. Romeo E. Capuno, Jr.  (BSChE ’95), for global corporate management; Dr. Juan M. Pulhin (BSF ’81, MSF ’87), for exemplary accomplishments in forestry and forest governance; and Atty. Rommel A. Gecolea (MPAf 2013), for good governance and public service.

The eighth TOUAA was Ambassador Bernardita L. Catalla (BACA ’79), who was recognized posthumously for her contributions in foreign service and diplomatic relations.

Meanwhile, seven were named as Outstanding Golden Jubilarians from Class 1970 for their outstanding professional achievements.

They were entrepreneurs and business executives  Dr. Isaias G. Lumanta Jr. (BSA); UP Regent Francis C. Laurel (BSA); Capt. Mauro W. Barradas (BSA); and Nilo A. FlorCruz (BSAgChem); and public service and international development leaders Dr. Ida F. Dalmacio (BSA, MS Plant Path ’72); Dr. Cristino M. Collado (BSA); and Dr. Teresa H. Stuart Guida (BSHT, MS DC ’79, PhD DC ’85).

This year’s Nelia Gonzalez Alumni Service Awardee was Dr. Florendo C. Quebral (BSA ’55, MS Plant Path ’63).

Outstanding Golden Jubilarians Capt. Barradas and Regent Laurel, as well as Crisanto S. Gualberto II (BSA ’62) were given Special Awards for spearheading the annual Prelude to Loyalty Day festivity since 2001, except this year because of the pandemic.

The ceremony also recognized 46 College Distinguished Alumni awardees across 10 colleges and school alumni associations. They were from the College of Agriculture and Food Science, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Development Communication, College of Economics and Management, College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, College of Human Ecology, College of Public Affairs and Development, College of Veterinary Medicine, and the School of Environmental Science and Management.

The Aguiero-Panopio Family with 5 UPLB alumni among them; Catahan Family with 7; Lawas Family with 4; Platon Family with 6; Robles-Sundo Family with 5; and Laurel Family with 4 were given the Multi-Generation UPLB Alumni recognition for producing at least three generations of UPLB graduates in their families.

In his inspirational message, Chancellor Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr. expressed his appreciation for the generosity that the alumni have demonstrated to UPLB and called upon them for their continued support amidst the changes and challenges of the new normal.

“As we face fresh and more complex challenges of the new normal, I would like to stress the need for mutual assistance and support. I am confident that just as we have done in the past, we will overcome these challenges given the history of respect and commitment to public service we have consistently shared,” Chancellor Sanchez ended. (Jessa Jael S. Arana)

Source: https://uplb.edu.ph/all-news/outstanding-uplb-alumni-recognized-at-virtual-loyalty-day-awarding-ceremony/