Nominations for the twenty-three (23) members of the U.P. Alumni Association (UPAA) Board of Directors for the term 2023-2026 are now open. Deadline is MARCH 1, 2023.

The following units or groups of units will be represented in the UPAA Board of Directors: U.P. LOS BAÑOS/U.P. OPEN UNIVERSITY – 5 seats; U.P. VISAYAS/U.P. MINDANAO – 2 seats; U.P. MANILA – 3 seats; U.P. DILIMAN [Arts and Letters, Asian Center, CAS (College of Arts & Sciences), CLA (College of Liberal Arts), Tri-College (Tri-College joint course program of AC, CAL, & CSSP), Technology Management Center, Islamic Studies, Mass Communication, Science, Social Sciences & Philosophy, Social Work & Community Development, Population Institute, Northern Luzon College (defunct), U.P. Extension Program in San Fernando, Pampanga, U.P. Extension Program in Olongapo, U.P. Clark Air Force Base, and U.P. Tarlac (defunct)] – 5 seats; U.P. DILIMAN [Business Administration, School of Economics, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, School of Urban & Regional Planning, School of Statistics (Statistical Center), and National College of Public Administration and Governance] – 2 seats; U.P. DILIMAN [Architecture, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Music] – 2 seats; U.P. DILIMAN [Education and Home Economics] – 2 seats; U.P. DILIMAN [Asian Institute of Tourism, Human Kinetics (SPEAR), Library & Information Science, and ROTC] – 1 seat; and U.P. DILIMAN [Law] – 1 seat.

All UPAA members in good standing as of MAY 15, 2023 may vote. Members in good standing are those members, regular and honorary, who shall have paid the annual (P300) or life membership (P1,000/$50) fees.

Blank ballots and the official list of candidates (with their photos and brief CVs) will be distributed to members in good standing only. Duly accomplished ballots may either be mailed to the UPAA Elections Committee, c/o U.P. Alumni Association, P.O. Box 233, PHILPOST, U.P. Diliman Campus Branch, Quezon City 1101 or personally delivered to the UPAA Elections Committee at Room 211, Ang Bahay ng Alumni, Magsaysay Avenue corner Balagtas Street, U.P. Diliman Campus, Quezon City. Only mailed ballots with envelopes postmarked MAY 15, 2023 or earlier, and hand-delivered ballots received not later than 5:00 PM on MAY 30, 2023, will be considered valid. Election period starts APRIL 3, 2023 until MAY 30, 2023. Canvassing will be on Saturday, MAY 31, 2023.

For further information, please contact the UPAA Secretariat at telephone numbers 7910-6390; 7587-8722 or through e-mail [email protected].