UPAA awards exemplary alumni for 2022

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The Distinguished Alumni Awardees for 2022 are honored by the UP Alumni Association. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)
UPAA President and UP Alumni Regent Reynaldo Laserna addressed the UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awardees and their families. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO) 

The University of the Philippines (UP), through the UP Alumni Association (UPAA), honored this year’s Distinguished Alumni Awardees on November 11 at the Luciano E. Salazar Hall, Ang Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman, Quezon City.

The Distinguished Alumni Awardees present during the ceremonies were headed by Albay Representative Edcel C. Lagman (AB, 1962 cum laude; Bachelor of Laws, 1966), who was named the UPAA Most Distinguished Alumnus for 2022. The roster of awardees includes eminent scientists and academics; leaders in business, finance, and entrepreneurship; healthcare and law practitioners; public servants and diplomats; and lifelong socio-civic advocates, among others.

The event also paid tribute to Ms. Daisy Magalit-Rodriguez (Graduate in Nursing, 1965; BS in Nursing, 1969; Master of Nursing, 1971), the UPAA Distinguished Service Awardee for an Alumna, and a past president of the UPAA in America. She passed away on October 24. She was represented in the awarding ceremony by her nephew Pedro N. Magalit.

“Critical thinking is the hallmark of UP.”

Speaking on behalf of the awardees, Lagman said: “Recognition is not sought; it is deservedly bestowed. We do not work to be recognized but must ensure our work is meritorious.”

Rep. Edcel Lagman, UPAA Most Distinguished Alumnus for 2022, urges his fellow Distinguished Alumni Awardees to “give back to and honor UP for giving us quality education and imparting in us the fidelity to patriotism and passion for freedom.” Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)

“I am certain all of the awardees excelled in their chosen fields not to be cited, but to give back to and honor UP for giving us quality education and imparting in us the fidelity to patriotism and passion for freedom,” Lagman said.

“Much of my enduring advocacies and steadfast commitments were honed here in UP. My UP education taught me the option to conform but, more instructively, the right to reasonably differ. Indeed, critical thinking is the hallmark of UP,” emphasized Lagman. He connected this to his decades-long political career as an Opposition member and a fiscalizer.

The distinguished lawmaker further explained, “The right to dissent is integral to a free society and is at the heart of democracy. It encompasses our individual and collective rights to freedom of expression, association, assembly, and nation-building participation. Dissent encourages debate. It is vital in making informed decisions on issues of public concern.”

Lagman ascertained, “Verily, dissent can prevail.”

He added, “The freedom of expression is abused today by the proliferation of excessive misinformation, which malevolently manipulates public opinion and even electoral will. Consequently, let us all be sentinels of truth and verities against the purveyors of lies and false news. It is also incumbent on UP to start extensively teaching—if it has not yet started—media or news literacy so that our youth can readily discern truth from falsehood.”

“Finally, on behalf of the awardees, I call on all Filipinos to courageously fight for and enjoy the freedom and exercise the right of expression and dissent, fearless of prior restraint or subsequent reprisal,” concluded Lagman.

The UPAA awardees for 2022 include:

UPAA Multigenerational UP Alumni Family Awards: 

Three Generations: Agustin Family, Alentajan Family, Reyes Family, Rojas-Aleta Family, Rola-Bustrillos Family, Tejano Family, and Yap-Rodriguez Family.

Four Generations: Barzaga Family, Beleno-Guia Family, Clemente Family, Consunji Family, and Fandialan-Dalmacio Family.

UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awards: 

Banking and Corporate Social Responsibility
Ms. Isabelita Manalastas-Watanabe (BS in Business Economics, 1974)

Culture and the Arts

Visual Arts

Professor Abdulmari D.L. Imao, Jr. (BS in Architecture, 1994)

Architectural Heritage Conservation
Dr. Gerard A. Lico (BS in Architecture, 1997; MA, 2000; Ph.D., 2006)

          Music and Dance Research and Performance
          Dr. Flora Elena Rivera-Mirano (AB, 1971 cum laude; MA, 1976; PhD, 1991)

Entrepreneurship and Employment Creation
Dr. Edgardo L. Arcinue (Associate in Arts, 1961; Doctor of Medicine, 1966)
Dr. Lucenia Adrias-Arcinue (Doctor of Medicine, 1966)
Mr. Joaquin M. Teotico (BS in Business Economics, 1976)

Good Governance in Public Service
Mr. Arthur Luis P. Florentin (BS in Statistics, 1977; Diploma in Industrial Relations, 1987; Master of Industrial Relations, 1988)

Rep. Edcel Lagman (standing) with his fellow 2022 UPAA Distinguished Alumni Awardees. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)

Nursing Education
Dr. Remedios Lapidez-Fernandez (BS in Nursing, 1967; Master of Nursing, 1976; Ph.D., 2003)

Nursing Practice and Advocacy
Dr. Nerissa Mendoza-Gerial (Master of Hospital Administration, 2000)

Poverty Alleviation and Human Development
Dr. Anabella Bautista-Tulin (MS, 1987)

Public Health Promotion (Medicine)
Dr. Eva Marie Ester Clemente-Ortile (BS in Biology, 1990 cum laude; Doctor of Medicine, 1996)
Dr. Malaya Pimentel-Santos (BS in Basic Medical Sciences, 1994; Doctor of Medicine, 1996)
Dr. Beaver R. Tamesis (BS, 1979 cum laude; Doctor of Medicine, 1984)

Public Health Promotion (Pharmacy)
Dr. Imelda G. Peña (BS in Industrial Pharmacy, 1984; MS in Industrial Pharmacy, 1994; Ph.D., 2007)

Public Service
Atty. Francis Pancratius N. Pangilinan (AB, 1988; Bachelor of Laws, 1993)
Dr. Lorelei Regilme-Vinluan (AB, 1992 cum laude; Master of Education, 1996)

Public Service and Community Development
Dr. Marie Frances Magno-Advani (BSBA, 1972 magna cum laude; Master of Public Administration, 1974)

Public Service for Empowerment of Indigenous People
Ms. Victoria Lucia Tauli-Corpuz (Graduate in Nursing, 1976)

Public Service and Good Governance for Development Promotion (National Export Promotion and Development)
Mr. Senen M. Perlada (BS in Business Economics, 1978)

Science and Technology (Agriculture-Plant Breeding and Stress Tolerance)
Dr. Glenn B. Gregorio (BS in Agriculture, 1986; MS, 1991; Ph.D., 1997)

Science and Technology (Environment-Waste Water Management and Sanitation)
Dr. Francis L. de los Reyes III (BS in Agriculture Engineering, 1990 magna cum laude)

Science and Technology (Geology)
Dr. Carlo A. Arcilla (BS in Geology, 1981 cum laude)

Science and Technology (Medicine-Cardiovascular Epidemiology)
Dr. MacArthur A. Elayda (Doctor of Medicine, 1972)

Science and Technology (Medicine-Reconstructive Microsurgery)
Dr. Emmanuel P. Estrella (BS, 1991; Doctor of Medicine, 1996; MS, 2015)

Science and Technology (Molecular Medicine-Translational Cancer Research)
Dr. Benigno C. Valdez (BS in Sugar Technology, 1979 cum laude)

UPAA Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Awards:
Professor Rigoberto C. Advincula (BS in Chemistry, 1987)
Atty. Leovillo C. Agustin (Associate in Arts, 1958; Bachelor of Laws, 1962)
Mr. Leopoldo M. Clemente, Jr. (BS in Business Administration, 1959)
Dr. Jose O. Juliano (ROTC, 1952; BS in Agriculture, 1952 magna cum laude
Dr. Ceferino P. Maala (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1971)
Professor Josefino J. Toledo (Bachelor of Music, 1979)

UPAA Distinguished Service Awardee for an Alumni Chapter:
UP International Nursing and Healthcare Forum

UP officials and guests toast the 2022 UPAA Distinguished Awardees during the November 9 dinner in their honor hosted by UP President Danilo Concepcion. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)

UP President Concepcion leads the toast for the 2022 UPAA Distinguished Awardees. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)

UP officials host dinner for awardees

On November 9, UP President Danilo L. Concepcion hosted a dinner honoring the UPAA Awardees at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni.

In his message, Concepcion said the awardees “exemplify the true meaning of UP’s principles of honor and excellence.” He praised this year’s awardees, and also those of the past two years, for their bravery, for “the courage to stand up for what is right, no matter the circumstances, no matter the opposition,” and for “unshakable commitment to your values, no matter the obstacles you face, be it a global crisis such as a pandemic or climate change, political or economic turmoil, or pervasive social injustice.”

Concepcion said the UP alumni “exemplify to our communities, our publics, and the world at large what it means to be Iskolar ng Bayan, what it means to bear the Tatak UP.”

In his message on behalf of the awardees, Rep. Lagman said, “UP has taught us to be free citizens in a free country or a country that must be free.” He emphasized that “the right of expression does not recognize any patronage” and that “all the honorees, all of us exercise our right of expression, even dissent, in our various endeavors and expertise.”

Concepcion was joined by Alumni Regent and UPAA President Reynaldo C. Laserna, Vice President for Public Affairs Elena E. Pernia, Vice President for Administration Nestor G. Yunque, Chancellor Jose V. Camacho Jr. of UP Los Banos, Chancellor Clement C. Camposano of UP Visayas, Chancellor Corazon L. Abansi of UP Baguio, and other University officials.

The awardees were serenaded by the UP Rondalla that evening.

Prof. Jose Wendell P. Capili, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs, served as master of ceremonies. Capili called on each of the awardees to be recognized on stage, followed by Lagman’s and Concepcion’s messages, the ceremonial toast, and the singing of the “UP Naming Mahal” to cap the event.

Rep. Lagman (3rd from left) stands with UP President Concepcion (2nd from left), UPAA President and UP Alumni Regent Laserna (3rd from right) and UP Vice President for Public Affairs Elena Pernia (extreme left), and Rep. Lagman’s family members. Photo by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO)

Reports from Jo. Florendo Lontoc and Fred Dabu, MPRO.

Source: https://up.edu.ph/upaa-awards-exemplary-alumni-for-2022/