UPAAA and UPAA-Nevada first ever Virtual Grand Reunion and Convention

Truly, the pandemic has changed how we live and pushed us to be innovative in organizing social events and gatherings. On the bright side, this also has given the UP Alumni Association in America, Inc. (UPAAA) a chance to connect and broaden our reach not only in North America, but worldwide.

With this in mind, the UPAAA has announced its very first virtual, global and 21st Grand Reunion and Convention (GRC), co-hosted with the UP Alumni Association of Nevada (UPAAN). The GRC will be held online from October 22 to 24, 2021.

UPAAA, Inc. President Daisy Rodriguez remarks: “This year marks the 40th year of the founding of UPAAA as a national organization. I invite all UP alumni and supporters around the world to join us during the GRC. Ignite your passion and dedication to the Alma Mater!”

Ethel Rubio, the 2021 UPAAA GRC Chair, is excited about planning the alumni reunion this year: “Imagine, for only $30, you can have 24/7 virtual access to the two-day convention. All sessions will be recorded, so if you missed it, you can have access to all of them for another 30 days!”

The UPAAA GRC is a biennial event designed to bring together UP alumni in the US to work towards the common goal of supporting our beloved alma mater in her mission to provide excellent and affordable public education to the best and the brightest minds in the Philippines. It is also an occasion for UP alumni to honor their achievers and loyal members, recapture memories of campus life in UP, renew old friendships, and forge new ones. As such, the UPAAA exists to explore possibilities of strengthening the relationship between US-based alumni and UP in their mutual quest for academic excellence and national development.

UPAAN President Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome invites all UP alumni worldwide to join in this prestigious, one-of-a-kind gathering. “Are you the kind of alum who’s open to exploring new ideas, new fields of learning, and new ways to connect? Are you one who’s not deterred by age nor bodily circumstance, who’s always curious and mentally alert? Then this first-ever, virtual, global alumni reunion is for you! ARISE and applaud Collaboration and Innovation! ARISE and create Impact and Inspiration! ARISE and enjoy Honor and Excellence!”

Recognizing honor and excellence

At the Virtual UPAAA GRC in October 2021, the UPAAA Inc. will grant awards to distinguished alumni and give special recognition to individuals and groups who embody the Oblation, who serve with pride, remain strong and bold amid strife and challenges. These are: the 2021 UPAAA Distinguished Alumni Awards; and, (2) the 2021 UPAAA Special Recognition Awards.

Chaired by UPAAA Board Director Francisco Sy, MD, MS, DrPH, the Awards committee will evaluate and select the awardees from nominees submitted by UP alumni and UP alumni groups. Please email the nomination and supporting documents to: [email protected]. The nominees need not know that they are being nominated.

Deadline for submission of nominations is August 31, 2021.

For more information on the 2021 UPAAA Distinguished Alumni Awards and Special Recognition Awards, click on this link.

Read about previous UPAAA awardees on this link.

Jubilarian celebration

Jubilarians—UP alumni who graduated in specific years—are especially invited to join and celebrate their Jubilarian year with the UPAAA and UPAAN! UP alumni who graduated in the following years will be honored this October:

Platinum (70 years) – 1951, 1952

Diamond (60 years) – 1961, 1962

Emerald (55 years) – 1966, 1967

Gold (50 years) – 1971,1972

Sapphire (45 years) – 1976, 1977

Ruby (40 years) – 1981, 1982

Coral (35 years) – 1986, 1987

Pearl (30 years) – 1991, 1992

Silver (25 years) -1996, 1997

China (20 years) – 2001, 2002

Crystal (15 years) – 2006, 2007

US-based Jubilarian attendees will receive a Jubilarian Medallion.

Become a sponsor

UP alumni are also invited to become an event sponsor and showcase their business for as low as $50 in a full-page ad placement in the digital souvenir program book. This is a chance to support UPAAA-sponsored projects and initiatives which includes support for the UP System’s Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan Project.This project  aims to provide: gadgets and Internet connection to UP students struggling with the financial and technological demands of remote learning; a scholarship stipend for financially disadvantaged students; and, an international scholarship for a doctoral student.

Attendees may register at this website [https://upaaagrc2021.vfairs.com/en/registration]

Sponsors and exhibitors may register here [https://upaaagrc2021.vfairs.com/en/sponsor- exhibitor].

To register for the Digital Souvenir Program Book, click here. [https://upaaagrc2021.vfairs.com/en/souvenirprogram-book]

For additional information contact Ethel Rubio, UPAAA GRC 2021 Chair, at [email protected]

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