“UPgrade”: Giving back to the UPD Main Library

Written by Fred Dabu

The University Main Library, the stately building in the very heart of the academic oval of the University of the Philippines Diliman campus (UPD), has been a witness to many, many generations of Iskolar ng Bayan journeying through college and postgraduate studies.

The people who have passed through the “UP Main Libe’s” time-cherished reading rooms, archives, hallways, and corners have created their priceless collection of memories of the place: the serene quiet and studious stillness; the comfort of the sturdy narra tables and chairs; the sense of welcome found within the rows and rows of book-lined shelves; the treasure troves of knowledge open to UP students studying for class, doing research, socializing and engaging in various academic activities hosted there, ever since the University Library’s transfer to the Diliman campus during the term of University Librarian Gabriel Bernardo.

Aerial view of the UP Diliman Main Library (Gonzalez Hall).

Members of the UP community may leave a lasting legacy in the UP Diliman Main Library, named Gonzalez Hall after UP President Bienvenido Gonzalez, by supporting its renovation and restoration on the occasion of the University Library Centennial. Alumni and friends of the University can adopt a narra hardwood chair or table and help upgrade the UPD Main Library. The project will benefit not only the present and future generations of Iskolar ng Bayan but also researchers and students from other learning institutions and the general public.

“UPgrade,” the UP System’s project, allows donors to dedicate a chair or table to a loved one or an entire family, honor a memory of a favorite teacher, celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary, or give proper recognition to their batch, barkada, fraternity/sorority, or student organization.

For a minimum donation of P10,000, the donor name(s) will be engraved on a brass plaque and placed on the restored narra hardwood chairs and tables. Here are the descriptions, corresponding amounts to be donated, and the number of furniture units to be upgraded:

  • Narra Chairs / P10,000 / 150 units;
  • Single Carrel Desks / P10,000 / 30 units; and,
  • the Long Narra Table (8-seater) / P100,000 / 15 units.

Examples of the UPD Main Library furniture awaiting adoption by UP alumni in their current state (left) and what they would look like after renovation (right)—the narra chair with armrest (top), the carrel desk (middle), and the long narra table (below). Photos by Misael Bacani (UP MPRO).

These rehabilitated and upgraded pieces of furniture will be strategically situated in the UPD Main Library’s ground floor public reading room in the North Wing. The said venue will also feature resplendent cathedral windows that aim to evoke a world-class ambiance and memories of the University’s repository of knowledge and culture.

Donors will also have access to the room-use books and references through a special library card and receive discounted rates for special events reservations.

Donations via credit card or bank transfer may be coursed through the Give to UP Portal at: https://giveto.up.edu.ph/. Through this unique initiative, UP alumni will also be encouraged to participate in University activities while their information is updated in the UP Alumni Database.

Please get in touch with the UP offices working together for the success of this fundraising project via [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] for more details on how you can leave an indelible mark that our students, faculty, REPS, admin, alumni, and the general public can truly benefit from.

Source: https://up.edu.ph/upgrade-giving-back-to-the-upd-main-library