UPV Homecoming in New Highs Post-Pandemic

GC Castro, UPV-OAR

UPV Homecoming Dinner and Awards Night
UPV Homecoming Dinner and Awards Night
Health & Wellness

The UPV alumni were treated to a series of face to face events in the 2023 UPV Homecoming. The main highlights were held from August 18 to 20, 2023 in the UPV Iloilo City Campus.

The university’s Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) partnered with the various alumni associations, organizations, batches, offices, and colleges to come up with the various activities for the alumni.

The UP Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter (UPAA-IC) organized and co-organized the bulk of events during this Homecoming season such as UPadyak bike ride, Alumni Games (which include basketball, badminton, and football), as well as the motorcade, food fair and bazaar, wellness activities, the annual election for their board of directors, and the much celebrated annual Homecoming Dinner and Awards Night.

Hamili Hamilia Homecoming
Run UP! fun run

Other partner alumni associations which organized more institutionalized and recurring events include UP Silak/UP Silab AA who conducted the Run UP! fun run, and the Golden Lunch for the university’s retired faculty and staff; UP Scintilla Jvris/UP Stella Juris AA, organized the solemn and recurring Homecoming Mass; Validus Amicitia Brotherhood AA held the yearly favorite VArrio Fiesta brunch for the alumni; and UP Hamili/UP Hamilia AA, with their signature lechon baka (roast beef) for all. OneUPV, meanwhile held an online Homecoming for alumni from different parts of the world.

SoTech Bingo
Goldies Day

Alumni association and college tandems include the School of Technology and SOTECH AA, in their regular SoTech Socials and Bingo!; iAmUPHi and UP High School in Iloilo for the colorful, whole-day event, Goldies Day.

Alumni batches also mounted events such as UPHSI Class of 1968’s Tribute to My Alma Mater, an art exhibit of works by their fellow alumnus Prof. Roman Sanares—half of the proceedings from the event are intended to go to UPHSI projects; UPVHS Class of 1983’s showing of 3 short films of renowned Prof. Kevin Piamonte; UPVHS Class of 1965’ free food kiosks, and UPVHS Class of 1981’s Dugo Kay Isko, a yearly blood donation drive.

Mini homecomings included the College of Management’s Alumni Homecoming dubbed ‘Back2Base’, and UP Hamili / Hamilia’s Homecoming held at District 21 Hotel.

Various alumni appreciation efforts were made during some of the events. During Goldies Day, high school batches who were donors to UPV’s ‘Adopt a Room’ Project were given recognition. In the Homecoming Dinner and Awards Night, held at Diversion21 Hotel, three of the remaining pioneer alumni and 12 outstanding professionals were awarded the Oblation Trophy.

UPV Chancellor Clement C. Camposano graced the various events. Other UPV officials were also present in various activities including Vice Chancellor for Administration John Lorenz R. Belanio, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development Rhodella A. Ibabao, Vice Chancellor for Acedemic Affairs Philip Ian P. Padilla, Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Harold M. Monteclaro, and OAR Director Rey Carlo T. Gonzales.

The annual Homecoming series of events is celebrated by the university in partnership with the various alumni associations, organizations, batches, offices, and colleges.