UPOU to Offer 4 New Associate Programs this 2023

UP Open University will offer four new Associate programs this 2023. The UP Board of Regents has approved the implementation of the following programs:

  1. Associate of Arts in Digital Design and Art
  2. Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship
  3. Associate of Science in Information Technology
  4. Associate of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

The Associate of Arts/Science programs of UPOU are two-year pre-baccalaureate degree programs that ladderize to Baccalaureate degrees. This serves as UPOU’s contribution to addressing the gaps in skills, knowledge and competencies that should have been acquired during the Senior High School (SHS) and National Certificates (NC) I to IV. This is in pursuit of UPOU’s mandate to offer quality higher education. Graduates are expected to complete 72 units, that is, 30 units of GE Courses (21 units of required GE, and 9 elective GE courses), 3 units of Government mandated courses (including PE and NSTP), 12 units of common courses at UPOU, and 27 units of specialization courses.

Associate of Arts in Digital Design and Art (AADDA)

This is a two-year pre-baccalaureate degree program that directly ladderizes to the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies. It encompasses different disciplines in Information and communication supplemented by GE courses.

The AADDA aims to address the growing demand for highly qualified and innovative digital creatives/designers that can cater to both national and international clients, whether employed in the private or public sector. UPOU designs the program to ensure that graduates have the appropriate technical skills to create digital creative and design outputs, and possess humanistic, critical, development-oriented, and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship (AADE)

The AADE program aims to provide an academic space for aspiring entrepreneurs in the digital landscape. The degree program is also open for students who wish to integrate innovations in their businesses or pursue a career or opportunities related to digital innovations. The AADE program supplements and continues the exposure of students to the entrepreneurial subjects introduced in SHS.

The program envisions its graduates becoming knowledgeable on the digital and technological aspects of entrepreneurship. Since the pandemic has been a pivotal shift in global technological transformation, the demand for digital professionals has significantly increased. UPOU prides itself on offering the country’s most innovative undergraduate digital entrepreneurship program.

Associate of Science in Information Technology (ASIT)

The Associate of Science in Information Technology is a foundational degree program on computing concepts, algorithms, and new developments in Information Technology. The high demand for talent inspired UPOU to offer a unique Information Technology program catering to Filipino students who cannot pursue a Baccalaureate degree.

The program differentiates itself from Baccalaureate and postgraduate programs through focusing on the principles of computing without the underpinnings of computer science theory and mathematics. This aims to train students to become well-rounded computing professionals and become versatile workers in different fields.

Associate of Science in Instructional Design and Technology (ASIDT)

The ASIDT program will enable the students to enter the Education workforce by being knowledgeable in Instructional design. This program focuses on ID of learning experiences within Organizational contexts. The need for formal education on ID and Instructional technology arises in response to the emerging needs and demands of eLearning, flexible, remote and blended learning, and other modalities. The ASIDT program emphasized a practice-based approach.

UPOU aims to produce students who can penetrate the education workforce as Instructional Design assistants, training associates, members of the performance management team, and other related careers.

The offering of new Associate degree programs in UPOU opens new opportunities for learners to pursue quality higher education in response to the emerging demand of the workforce for digital professionals. In total, UPOU now has 5 Associate programs available for Filipino students. All the programs will be delivered via Open and Distance eLearning, offering students flexibility. Each program is designed by the university to provide specific skills and competencies needed to qualify in the careers of their own choosing. The graduates may opt to pursue a Baccalaureate degree in the University by choosing a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies or a Bachelor of Education Studies.

Through this, UPOU seeks to empower new generations of learners to be more competitive and resilient amid the challenges. It inspires to pioneer more innovative programs in the coming years.

To apply, visit the UPOU OUR Website. You may also contact UPOU Admissions Office via email [email protected] or at (049) 536 6001 to 06 loc. 199.

You may also visit the UPOU’s Facebook page for more information.

UPV alumna donates artwork to UPV MACH

Negrense artist and UPV College of Management alumna Moreen Austria donated her sculpture “The Teller of Tales” to the UPV Museum of Art and Cultural Heritage (UPV MACH).

The metal chair along with a brass mask were part of an installation that was exhibited in the old UPV Art Gallery in 2016 during the Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibit Conference (VIVA ExCon).

Austria finished BS Management but decided to pursue a career in the visual arts. She won the Grand Prize in the Sculpture category of the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) award in 2017.

The Deed of Donation was signed by Austria on 14 April ceding the work that has been with the University for seven years.

The artwork is now displayed at the Taliambong UPV Art Gallery as part of Lúbiok Hiligaynon Art exhibition which traces the development of art in Western Visayas.

Source: https://www.upv.edu.ph/index.php/news/upv-alumna-donates-artwork-to-upv-mach

Two UP Alumni Associations Present Donation to UPV

UP Medical Alumni Society of America (UPMASA) and UP Silak Silab Foundation (UPSSF) presented their donations to the UPV Library and UP High School in Iloilo (UPHSI) Harana Club, respectively. The turnover was held last March 24, 2023 at the UPV UPV Office of Alumni Relations Alumni Lounge.

UPMASA sent their donation for the Library enhancements with initial amount of ₱299,926.60 through the UP Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter (UPAAIC).

UPSSF coursed through their donation of $2,500.00 for Harana Club through UP Silak Brotherhood Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter.

Present in the event were College Librarian Ms. Ma. Yvonne E. Genciane, GAB representative Mr. Rex B. Rodriguez, UPAAIC Officers Atty. Rene John V. Nuñez, Ms. Consuelo R. Geduspan, and Atty. Shiella P. Olid, UPHSI Harana Club members and adviser, Prof. Hermie F. Cartagena, OAR Director Dr. Rey Carlo T. Gonzales and staff.

Source: UPV Office of Alumni Relations Facebook

UPAA and Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association to donate computers to UPV

Ten computer sets will be turned over as donations to the UP Visayas Teaching and Learning Resource Center (TLRC) tomorrow, 31 March 2023. The donation from the UP Alumni Association (UPAA) and Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association will be officially turned over in a simple gathering to be held at the OICA Conference Room, Iloilo City campus.

The TLRC was established to offer students the necessary assistance that will further enhance their quality of life on campus. Its main task is to provide instructional support services to UP students in a conducive environment to help them achieve academic excellence. The center administers assistance programs that are developed for students.

Furthermore, its computer units are made available to students who may need them for their assignments and research. The donation from UPAA and Upsilon will help more students fulfill their academic requirements effectively.

Upsilon Sigma Phi, the oldest student organization in continuous existence in the University of the Philippines and the oldest fraternity in all of Asia, will also be making UPV one of their night tour stops tomorrow as part of their three-day reunion here in the Visayas.

Roel Z. Castro, Chairman of the Upsilon Sigma Phi Alumni Association, said that they are expecting 240 members and their families from all over the nation and the world to visit UPV.

Source: https://www.upv.edu.ph/index.php/news/upaa-and-upsilon-sigma-phi-alumni-association-to-donate-computers-to-upv

UPAA Iloilo Chapter Call for Nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Professional Awards


UPAA Iloilo Chapter Professional Awards:
March 15, 2023 to June 15, 2023.

March 15, 2023
Nomination forms available at the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR)/ UPAA Office & FB page

You can also download nomination forms at:


March 27, 2023 to June 15, 2023
Submission & acceptance of Nomination Forms & documents at the Office of Alumni Relations

For information & guidance

Atty Shiella Olid
Professional Award Committee

For more information:
Please contact
Ms @Almera Blando- Facto

or email at [email protected]

Source: UPAA Iloilo Chapter Facebook

UP Visayas donates equipment for the oil spill mitigation in Antique

By PTV News GC

University of the Philippines-Visayas campus (Photo courtesy of UP Visayas)

The University of the Philippines Visayas alumni sent donations to the municipality of Caluya in Antique for its oil spill response.

Some 1,500 empty sacks for oil spill booms, gloves, face masks, face shields, and boots donated by UP Alumni Association-Iloilo member Tina Hautea Sison, Bluechips Batch 90, Ellen Divinagracia and family, and iAmUPHi were sent to the affected municipality on March 14.

In addition, the UP Visayas created a task force led by oil spill expert Dr. Resurreccion Sadaba to respond to the oil spill in the Tablas Strait that reached Caluya Island in Antique.

The oil spill from thesunken oil tanker MT Princess Empress reached the waters of Caluya on March 4. – Katrina Gracia Consebido/cf

Source: https://ptvnews.ph/pcg-confirms-presence-of-oil-spill-in-antique1/


The UPD Ugnayan ng Pahinungod is a constituent office of the UP System Ugnayan ng Pahinungod which serves as the institutional system-wide volunteer service program of the University of the Philippines. It aims to articulate the social responsibility of UP as a national university to serve the Filipino people, while also serving as a values education program for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University to develop and manifest their love of the country.

As part of their efforts to reach a wider audience and mobilize the UP community for service, they extend their invitation to everyone regarding the available volunteer opportunities offered by our office.



VIEW AND SHARE THE ORIGINAL FACEBOOK POST HERE: https://web.facebook.com/updpahinungod2/posts/159137047005884

Like and follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/updpahinungod2 to keep posted on their upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Makibahagi, Makipamuhay, MagPahinungod!

AGAP scholarship committee head and UP Visayas alumna visits UP Tacloban

Ms. Liberty M. Toledo, head of the Association of Government Accountants of the Philippines (AGAP) Scholarship Committee, visited UP Tacloban on 13 March 2023. AGAP has been providing financial assistance to BS Accountancy students since 2020. Two former AGAP scholars are now Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Present at the meetup with Ms. Toledo were Dean Patricia B. Arinto, Associate Dean Arvin De Veyra, and OSA Coordinator Ervina Espina, and Division of Humanities professor Joycie Dorado Alegre. Ms. Toledo and Assoc. Prof. Alegre also dropped by the Leyte Samar Heritage Center gallery to view the Pagsalud han Dan-ag Han Adlaw / Cupping the Flow of Sunlight Exhibit in celebration of UP Tacloban’s 50th founding anniversary.

Ms. Toledo is an alumna of UP Tacloban and UP Visayas.

(Photos by Prof. Joycie Alegre and LSHC)

Source: UP Tacloban Office of Alumni Relations Facebook

UPV alumni send donations to Caluya for the oil spill response

More pictures at UP Visayas Facebook

The UP Visayas alumni, through the Office of Alumni Relations, sent donations to the Municipality of Caluya to assist in the response efforts of the municipality in the mitigation of the MT Empress Princess Oil Spill in the island municipality located in the northen part of the province of Antique last week of February 2023.

One thousand five hundred pieces of empty sacks for oil spill booms, gloves, face masks, face shields, and boots were donated by UPAA Iloilo, Ms. Tina Hautea Sison, Bluechips Batch 90, Ms. Ellen Divinagracia and family, and iAmUPHi. They were picked up by a truck from Antique on March 14, 2023.

The goods were transferred through the District Office of Cong. Antonio “AA” Legarda Jr., and the Philippine Coast Guard – Culasi.

UP Visayas created a task force to respond to the MT Empress Princess Oil Spill in the Tablas Straight that has reached portions of Caluya Island in Antique. The team is headed by oil spill expert Dr. Resurreccion Sadaba.

Source: https://www.upv.edu.ph/index.php/news/upv-alumni-send-donations-to-caluya-for-the-oil-spill-response