Alumni Lantern Shine Bright in UPV Paskua

The Alumni Lantern brought more light to the UPV Lantern Parade which was already bright with the parading academic and administration lanterns. This year’s Alumni Lantern, commissioned by UP Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter (UPAAIC), is a creation of their Board Member, Architect Denis B. Jaleco, co-designed and crafted by Cidrex Guyos.

According to Arc. Jaleco, the lantern depicts a two-way illusion: that of an angel, as the essence of Christmas, and a paraw (sail boat) with its sail depicting our rich natural resources. The dancing waves convey both a joyful and tranquil atmosphere, while the term “layag” written in baybayin shows our being Filipinos/Ilonggos.

This colorful artwork is the alumni association’s contribution to the UPV Lantern Parade held in UPV Miagao last December 20, 2023. It upholds the UPV Paskua’s theme “Hilway Nga Pagpanakayon Padulong Sa Malipayon Kg Mahidaiton Nga Paskua.”

UPAAIC is the regional chapter for the province of Iloilo. They develop projects for the benefit of UPV.

Written by: GC T. Castro, UPV OAR
Photo courtesy of: GC T. Castro, UPV OAR; Ms. Colcol Rico-Geduspan and Arc. Denis Jaleco, UPAAIC

Source: UPV Office of Alumni Relations Facebook