UP Baguio Alumni Homecoming 2023

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The air in Teatro Amianan was thick with excitement and nostalgia as the UP Baguio Alumni eagerly gathered for their highly anticipated 2023 homecoming event. The proceedings were initiated by the President of the UP Alumni Association Baguio-Northern Luzon Chapter, Lilia Bautista, who called the meeting to order. This was followed by a solemn Invocation and the singing of the Pambansang Awit, which further ignited the passion and pride of the alumni. To track attendance, the program initiated batch recognition for each decade spanning from the 1950s to the 2010s.

Chancellor Corazon Abansi extended a warm welcome to the alumni and provided updates on the new programs and initiatives of the university. She emphasized the alumni association’s importance as a significant partner in UPB’s journey towards becoming a leading university in the North. President Lilia Bautista also delivered a comprehensive report, highlighting the achievements of the alumni association in the past years.

Judge Isagani Calderon took the stage to present the functions and organizational goals of the alumni association, providing a guide for members on how they could contribute to the university’s advancement. The day culminated with the nomination and election of new board members and officers for the UPAA Baguio – Northern Luzon Chapter, which was administered by Atty. Nimreh Calde. It was a day of camaraderie, friendship, and reminiscing as the alumni bonded over their shared experiences and commitment to their alma mater. The event was a resounding success and left everyone feeling inspired and reconnected.

Source: University of the Philippines Baguio Facebook